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3R Edutech is a fast growing, SaaS based Online School Learning Management System (OS-LMS) Company revolutionising the education system in India. Every day, with our innovative approach and feature rich solutions we transform the lives of students for engaged & enjoyable school learning.

Our Online School – Learning Management System (OS-LMS) – is a Digital Empowerment to the Students & Schools in keeping view of Digital India government initiatives and addressing the challenges of pandemic affecting the school education system.

Our innovative and highly effective Integrated Learning System offers significant roles to schools, teachers, and parents in advancing the overall growth of each child.

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The Corona pandemic has created an unprecedented crisis in our school education system. Lot of stress has been faced by students, teachers and school management during this period. 

Not having regular classes, truncated online sessions and reduced scope for curricula completion resulted in incomplete learning. 

This is bound to have an impact on students’ future in terms of their performance at board exams, higher studies as well as careers.


To address this huge challenge as a consequence of the unprecedented pandemic, a group of veteran educationists has put together a plan in consultation with all stakeholders and international experts. 

3R Edutech has emerged as a solution to address the challenges. 3R Edutech methodology addresses the learning needs of students not only in turbulent times but also when normalcy returns. 

Our solution integrates students, teachers school management seamlessly with three distinct portals.

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COVID-19 has become a catalyst for schools to search for innovative solutions in a short time.

Our core team has expertise in the education process and content management. Our team handled education development & delivery in India, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and North America.

Our constant interaction with all stakeholders helped in keeping our solution state of the art. The deployment of cutting-edge technologies to bring content and users together has helped in effective deployment & delivery.

ABRP Reddy
Co - Founder
R Gopal Krishna
Strategic Advisor
Prof Jeff Tanner, Ph.D.
Advisor, Academic Council
Prof L Venugopala Reddy
Advisor, Academic Council
Prof Gurram Sagar
Advisor, Academic Council

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