Private school teachers in a pitiable plight

Hyderabad: Covid pandemic and the consequent lockdown have taken away the livelihoods of private school teachers in the city. Most of teachers are not being paid salaries. The very few that are being paid are getting only 50 per cent of their salary. Due to this,

Pandemic induced changes in the education world

The pandemic has forced many changes on the world. There are some industries like tourism and travel which have been crippled completely, there are others which have seen a major change in the dynamics. The IT industry has seen a change in the way people

Managing the teacher shortage

The Deccan Herald today (26th August), has an article on how unaided private schools in Karnataka, and specifically Bangalore are facing a huge challenge starting classes in the offline mode due to a shortage of teachers.  The article goes on to state how many teachers were

CBSE Board Exams 2022: How 3R Edutech’s approach gets a booster.

3R Edutech’s approach to education delivery thru MCQ gets a boost with CBSE announcing new exam patter for 2022 The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will hold two board exams or term-end exams for the 2022 batch. Each of the exams will be held on 50

Effective Delivery Essentials in the Virtual Classroom

Effective Delivery Essentials in the Virtual Classroom Written by Jennifer Balcom, Senior Consultant, Explorance. Tip #1: Keep your class environment dynamic – video ON! In your virtual classroom, whether you’ve designed your session to be a webinar or interactive, if you are the instructor, turn

Highlights of New Education Policy 2021

There will be many entry and exit points with appropriate certification for higher education. Undergraduate courses can be of 3 or 4 years duration. In which there will be many exit options. Which will with proper certification like if the student has studied in 1