The online education market is booming and expected to cross
US$ 2.3 billion in India.

Partnership Program



The need for this model is rapidly increasing with the unfortunate disturbances like pandemic.

Partnership Model

Investment: As low as Rs 1 lac per city. Interestingly your ROI becomes 100% after your very first sign up.

Investment varies depending upon the size of the territory you are confident of operating.

3R Edutech has been getting multiple queries from different countries for partners’ reseller’s plans. Due to immense queries, we have planned to launch our partner’s resellers’ plans very soon.

Schools are an essential part of every society, whether rural or urban, which makes this world full of schools. Targeting such a big market from a single platform is an impossible job, but we can increase our market share by co-working with the people and companies already in the field in different parts of the world.
Opportunity to join the Education resolution to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • Suitable for aspiring/ existing entrepreneur
  • At state/ district/ state capitals/ metro specific exclusive territories based on availability
  •  100% RoI with very first sign up
  • Major investment: Your networking ability and existing contacts with school managements/ tuition centers
  • No security deposit
With our partners – reseller ship plans one would have the following benefits.
Resellers Plans Types

We would encourage entrepreneurial aspirants and current vendors dealing with schools to use their contact base and initiative to be part of this lucrative opportunity. 

Partnership Signup