• The Ministry of Human Resource Management will now known as the Ministry of Education.
  • Under the National Education Policy, education will universalized, in which medical and law studies have not been included.
  • Earlier the pattern of 10+2 was followed but now under the new National Education Policy, the pattern of 5+3+3+4 will followed. In which there will be 12 years of schooling and 3 years of pre-schooling.
  • Vocational Testing Internship will started from class VI onwards.
  • Education up to class V will provided in the mother tongue or in the regional language.
  • Earlier there was Science, Commerce and Arts stream. Now there will no such stream. Students can choose the subject as per their wish. They can also study account or any subject of arts along with physics.
  • Students will taught coding from class VI onwards.
  • All schools will digitally equipped.
  • All type of content will translated into regional language.
  • Virtual labs will developed.

Four Phases

The new education policy is divided into four phases which is 5+3+3+4 pattern. This new pattern includes 12 years of school education and 3 years of pre-school education. The New National Education Policy will have to be followed by both government and private institutions. The four phases of the New National Education Policy 2021 are as follows.

foundation stage

Foundation stages are for children from 3 to 8 years old. Which includes 3 years of pre school education and 2 years of schooling (Class I and II). The foundation stage will focus on the development of language skills and teaching.

preparatory stage

Children from 8 years to 11 years will come under the preparatory stage. In which children from class 3 to 5 are included. The aim of the teachers will be to develop the language and numerical skills of the children in this stage. In this stage the children will taught in the regional language.

middle stage

Children from classes 6 to 8 will come under the middle stage. Children will taught coding from class 6 onwards and they will be provided with vocational tests as well as internships.

secondary stage

Children from class 9 to 12 will come in the secondary stage. Like earlier children used to take Science, Commerce and Arts streams. But now it is abolished. Now children can take the subject of their choice. For example, children can take commerce with science or arts with commerce.

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